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"On the instructor level I think you are brilliant, very patient to say the least, every stage was broken down, a completely new way of working to get things to sink in." – Paul Ramsden
"Paige was a fantastic instructor, she had a amazing ability to understand exactly what information you needed and when. I was lucky enough to get up and riding and the process from beginning to end was so smooth due to Paige’s attention to detail. Her method of teaching meant that I had total confidence and understanding of each stage and progressing forward was seamless. Her passion for teaching and ability to understand each individual sets her apart" – David Holborow


FUSION: Noun – The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Kitesurfing is a very complex sport, with so many things happening all within a few seconds, so difficult when you can't do it yet so easy once you can. With our FUSION System, we help you through every step which is fully broken down into its sections and individual elements and by utilizing cutting edge NLP and deep learning practices this rapidly improves learning time and has the potential to get you up and on the board much quicker. Our aim with our Fusion System is to make you an independent kitesurfer as soon as we possibly can.

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We believe the best way to learn is to totally understand what you are trying to do by having everything fully broken down into sections and then further into the individual elements. Then by learning the individual elements and putting them together and ultimately putting the sections together you learn quickly and safely. This speeds up learning process, you’ll have fewer wipe-outs and less stress as our system is designed to remove the points of failure and inspire confidence earlier and once mastered it will make it seem so easy.

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"After having quite a few lessons with other people and wanting to give up after having so many scary moments.. I found Paige with her FUSION System to be the first teacher who properly broke down the process of getting up on the board, so much so that instead of getting up and then face planting, I actually knew what I was doing and for the first time I found getting up 'easy'. Paige explained everything so clearly that I now have a much better understanding of how to stay in control of the kite which is fundamental in advancing my kitesurfing. Also, the little tips she gave me for putting on my board in the water will be so helpful going forward, as well as tips for going upwind. She is also really positive and encouraging which is exactly what you need when you've had a few setbacks!"  – Sophie Marsden

As a person relaxes with what they are trying to do, that action becomes effortless as your body actually assists in the action rather than fighting it. Our system makes you as comfortable as possible as early as possible so that you relax and you are in a receptive place where you can learn effortlessly.

Our FUSION System is unique and enables you to learn twice as fast.

We provide all kit (kites, bars, boards, harnesses and safety equipement) with the exception of wetsuits which can be hired on the beach.

FUSION L- Plate Session – Group
If you would like to learn or feel you would like recap on the basics before moving on to the next level.
L- Plate group sessiony (3hrs) – £120.00
Total Imm 5

Fusion Independence Session – Group
After your first full L-Plate session or if you are you stuck at the water start stage or up and riding but just need that extra bit of practice to really give you the confidence to take yourself out kitesurfing independently, need to learn to transition or need to ride upwind which is The Holy Grail of kitesurfing.
Independence group session (3hrs) – £120.00

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Fusion Courses 3 or 5 days L Plate / Independence – Group
We also offer 3 or 5 day courses, if you have not kited before your first session will be the L Plate followed by our unique Independence sessions or all Independence sessions.
The course needs to be booked in advance with a deposit and the balance payable 4 weeks before the first session. Sessions can be booked for separate days and do not necessarily need to be concurrent. Valid for 1 year.
3 Day – Group sessions (3x3hrs) – £340.00
5 Day – Group sessions (5x3hrs) – £560.00

These course needs to be booked in advance with a £100 deposit and the balance payable 1 week before the first session. Sessions can be booked for separate days or as you go along and do not need to be concurrent. Valid for 1 year.

Personal Coaching – Private 1:1 or Semi private for 2 people by Paige
Personal coaching by Paige, Senior BKSA Instructor & Airush UK Team Rider, tailored exactly to your requirements.
Private 1:1 session (1hr) £95.00 all kit included, less 10% if you have all your own kit
Private 1:1 session (2hrs) – £190.00 all kit included, less 10% if you have all your own kit
Semi private 2:1 session for 2 people (1hr) £75.00 each (must be booked together) all kit included
Semi private 2:1 session for 2 people (2hrs) – £140.00 each (must be booked together) all kit included

Total Imm 3Kids Session
New for this Summer, Kids FUSION Sessions. I am now offering Kids lessons, 10 / 11 + more to do with size than age really, these sessions are private 1:1 or semi private 2:1. I have some super small kites and kit now, just to say a parent / guardian has to be with us at all times, preferably in the water. Kids sessions have a maximum duration of 2 hours.
Prices as above in the Personal Coaching.

Please note unfortunately all our lessons are wind / condition dependant, normally we have an idea 5 days in advance and we always confirm them 2-3 days before.
We are happy to pencil in dates well in advance.

We provide all the equipment you will need with the exception of wetsuits, our partners Surfed Out run a surf hire shop at Saunton Beach for wetsuits if you do not have one or are unable to rent one locally. Your welcome to wear boots and gloves should you feel you need them (advisable from November to April). You can also see or F.A.Q. here.

To book a session please email us ben@northdevonkitesurfing.co.uk once agreed we will email you a confirmation with payment info for the deposit as well as our contact / medical form, please return this to us ASAP, the balance will be payable before the session by bank transfer or due in cash at the start of the session as we are unable to take cards on the beach at this point in time.

Unless the deposit payment is made within 24 hours the booking will be not be put in the diary.
All course sessions are valid for a 1 year period with the start date being from the payment of the deposit.
We run our UK sessions at Saunton from Easter till early October, the rest of the year we are in Tarifa, Spain.

Should your lesson be cancelled / not take place by ourselves for any reason you will be able to rebook having priority and reuse your deposit.
Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

We have a minimum age requirement of 18, although we will teach over 15s with parental presence at all times for the group sessions.

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE for Birthday/Christmas presents

Kite surfing equipment
We have teamed up with Surfed Out in Braunton as we do not sell kite equipment ourselves, so should you wish to buy or replace anything, please pop in or call Surfed Out who can handle this for you. They carry a large range of kite and surf gear with all the accessories and will really look after you.Total Imm 3BKSA Syllabus

Level 1 part 1
Intro to kite flying, Understanding the wind window & power zone. Flying, launching & landing of power kites. Understanding LEI kites (water kites) set up, rigging, safety systems, basic launching & landing techniques with safety demos.

Level 1 parts 2 – 4
Understanding water kites, how to fly them including launching and landing and then moving onto body dragging using the wind window and relevant power zones and finally we look at the deep water pack down technique, this is essential knowledge.

Level 2 parts 1 & 2
Putting the board on your feet and finally learning how to use the kite to lift you slowly out of the water in a controlled way to give you those first short runs, the emphasis being on kite skills and then body position.

Level 2 part 3
Building on your skills for riding by developing prolonged power delivery of the kite and also work on your body stance. These are both key to successful longer rides. We go through controlling your speed and kite surfing etiquette – the rules of the water and rights of way. Once you have completed this lesson you are well on your way to having the practical skills needed to be able to move on to becoming an independent kite surfer.

Level 2 part 4
This final part is aimed at making you a completely independent kite surfer concentrating on your body stance / kite / board skills and being able to controlling your speed and there by moving onto transitions and riding up wind., changes of direction which once mastered is the final part to becoming an independent kite surfer.

October 30th, 2015 by Paige Moore