Good Kitesurfing Locations in England

You do not have to be a child to enjoy the thrill that flying a kite brings. There are many spots in England where you can enjoy kitesurfing. Some of the best kitesurfing locations are as follows.

Camber Sands

Camber Sands is a popular spot for kitesurfers because of the huge beach space that is available when there is low tide. It is also known for good winds that allow the kites to fly, and the fact that many locals are friendly and willing to help with kitesurfing. It always receives many visitors because of its proximity to Greatstone Beach and the good scenery the surfers get.

St Ives Bay, Cornwall

At St. Ives Bay, surfers will find a three-mile golden sand stretch. Places such as Gwithian that lies to the north of St. Ives Bay have the perfect waves that are perfect for sailing and kitesurfing. If you are travelling there, remember to carry a smartphone or tablet where you can watch a movie or play online casino games such as you will find them here and search for other offers that you can find on the net.

New Hunstanton

Based in Norfolk, this site has hosted the British Kitesurfing Championship event in the past due to the location. It stands out because of the low tides that they experience, and how clear the sea is, allowing the kitesurfers enough space to do their activities. It has also been used several times by beginners who want to learn how to kitesurf and are looking for a conducive area that does not have barriers.

St. Anne’s Beach

This kitesurfing location is popular among people who are professional surfers. It is a great space to learn new tricks and connect with others who are passionate about kitesurfing. The beach also has a good view, and it can also be used as a photo spot.