Tips on Getting Into The Water and Staying Upwind During Kitesurfing

Every great sport needs skills, whether you are doing it for fun or as a professional. Kite-surfing is not any different. If you want to stay upwind or even water start here are a few tips you could try.

Get Past the Shore Break

You cannot do a water start actively from the shore break, especially if you are a beginner. Get in the water with the board on one hand and the kite up. Moving the kite a bit low will give you a gentle pull.

Get the Trim Right

The trim helps you walk into the water with your kite up. However, once you at the water start, adjust the trim then dive into the power zone. You can remove the trim entirely if the wind is closer to the shore.

Watch When to Start Edging

If you start the edging too early, you will end up losing your speed quickly. This may make your kite lose power. On the other hand, when you are too late, you will pick up at a high speed and you may end up losing control of your kite.

Use Small Touches When Edging

Once you are up and moving, try to use small touches rather than continuously gliding on the surface. It works great, especially with varying wind speed. Try feeling the gust coming in and edge all out. Once the dust comes down, release the pressure.

When to Head Downwind

Try heading downward while moving the kite a bit low. Wait for some time for the wind lull to begin then start working the kite again. This way, you will avoid stalling by creating more apparent wind. Also, head downwind when going from one wave to another. Smashing through the waves causes a high-impact on your ligaments.

To get all these moves right, you will need to practice but, eventually, it will become muscle memory.