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Kitesurfing HolidaysWhy not come out to Tarifa in Spain the European Mecca for kitesurfing, with its amazing 11km of golden soft sandy beach at the South Western tip of Spain on the edge of the Gibraltar Straights with its amazing views of North Africa where the sun shines and the wind blows 300 days out of 352 days, a bit better than the UK….

Our kitesurfing holidays are for all abilities, whether you are a total beginner or had a few lessons and just need time on the water to practise, having a bit of advice and some periodic coaching, as well as those super stars who can ride already.

We can possibly also offer a rental package depending on the time of year if you do not have or bring your own gear.

We also offer our holidays to non-kite surfers should your friend or partner wish to come with you.

We offer you a very personal service, being with you the whole time, that’s if you want.. of course. Depending on the wind we will go to different beaches (as there is only a restriction in the height of summer) and will be offering supervision, advice, coaching & lessons if you wish. 
We will also show you the sights and sounds of the local bars and restaurants should you wish, this creates a great friendly group atmosphere, which means you’re never feel alone even if you’re coming by yourself. However, this also means that these holidays fill up quickly so please book early to avoid missing out.

A bit about Tarifa1

kiteactivitycopyPlaya-de-los-Lances-Tarifa-Kitesurftarifa-max-kitesurfing542The Wind
Due to its unique location between the Gibraltar Straights and North Africa and its surrounding natural geography the wind blows 300 out of 352 days a year and being so far South the weather is lovely all year round, hence it’s the most amazing place to learn and the Kite Surfing Mecca of Europe

Tarifa has 2 prevailing winds, The Poniente which blows from the Atlantic giving a clean and constant wind, being the dominant wind in the winter months, The Levante comes of the land and hence is a bit warmer and is the dominant wind in the summer months. Both winds blow throughout the year, hence it’s the most consistently windiest place in Europe.

The Weather

Being so far south the weather is pretty good all year round, the summer months being quite hot and the winter months being very mild, more like late spring / early summer in most of Europe.

So all in all its the perfect kite destination for a kitesurfing holiday be it the summer or winter.

Tarifa Old Town6

Originally, a fortified walled town back in the day, then turning to a quaint sleepy fishing village until the wind surfers turned up in the 80’s even though there wasn’t a proper road and now the kitesurfers. Even with this, the old walled town has still kept all its charm and character with lots of tiny cobbled streets with some lovely bars & restaurants unlike the Costa del Sol.

Tarifa is a very relaxed place generally very laid back and surf style. We will also show you the sights & sounds of the local bars and restaurants should you wish, this creates a friendly group atmosphere, which means you’re never feel alone even if you’re coming by yourself.


The group will be staying in a large apartment with shared bathrooms & cooking facilities which is close to the beach, not necessarily where we will kite surf all the time though.

It is within walking distance from the old town & is self-catering with shared rooms with a maximum of 2 people.

Should you wish to stay somewhere special please let us know and we can give you some options.



Getting to Tarifa

Flying is the easiest way with prices being relatively cheap, as low as £100 depending on time of year. The best airport to fly to is Gibraltar as it is only 45 minutes away. Other airports are Malaga 2hrs and Jerez 1½hrs away by car.

We offer a pick-up and drop off service to Gibraltar Airport and Algeciras bus and train station, Algeciras being the Spanish side of Gibraltar. Should you wish to use the other airports public transport to Algeciras is reasonably good.  You also have the option of hiring a car should you wish as this is quite cheap in Spain.

To make things simpler & save you money, once we have confirmed dates etc. you book your flights yourself.

November 3rd, 2015 by Paige Moore