British Kitesports, the appointed National Governing Body for Kitesurfing and other kitesports in the UK.

  • BKSA Syllabus

    Level 1 part 1

    Intro to kite flying, Understanding the wind window & power zone. Flying, launching & landing of power kites. Understanding LEI kites (water kites) set up, rigging, safety systems, basic launching & landing techniques with safety demos.

    Level 1 parts 2 – 4

    Understanding water kites, how to fly them including launching and landing and then moving onto body dragging using the wind window and relevant power zones and finally we look at the deep water pack down technique, this is essential knowledge.

    Level 2 parts 1 & 2

    Putting the board on your feet and finally learning how to use the kite to lift you slowly out of the water in a controlled way to give you those first short runs, the emphasis being on kite skills and then body position.

    Level 2 part 3

    Building on your skills for riding by developing prolonged power delivery of the kite and also work on your body stance. These are both key to successful longer rides. We go through controlling your speed and kite surfing etiquette – the rules of the water and rights of way. Once you have completed this lesson you are well on your way to having the practical skills needed to be able to move on to becoming an independent kite surfer.


    Level 2 part 4

    This final part is aimed at making you a completely independent kite surfer concentrating on your body stance / kite / board skills and being able to controlling your speed and there by moving onto transitions and riding up wind., changes of direction which once mastered is the final part to becoming an independent kite surfer.

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